The MOLAND-database for the Dublin area covers Dublin County and the 8 neighbouring counties. This is an area measuring roughly 150 km (East-West) by 160 km (North-South). But in the framework of the MAMUD project, focused on intra-urban processes as it is, a much smaller area is withheld for the analysis. The limits of the latter was chosen such that the morphological effects of different urban growth scenarios can evolve and ripple through to a sufficient degree and over a sufficiently long period of time (+/- 30 years into the future) so that their spatial ramifications can clearly be observed and analysed.
Another argument in the precise delineation of the Dublin study area, and in particular its northern border, is the extent of the Tolka watershed, modelled in WP11.
Most of the MR analyses are in an area covering some 40 by 40 km. The HR test site covers part of the centre and of the urban fringe, roughly corresponding in size with the Quickbird image.

15 km (initial scale)

The area analysed by medium resolution images is delimited in red.

The rectangle in yellow corresponds to the area covered by the high resolution image in the interactive Google Map frame.

The Tolka catchment is given in blue.


Upper left buttons allow panning and zooming while upper right buttons allow switching from satellite to street or relief maps.




ASTER 2000-10-21; 2001-02-24; 2005-08-07
LANDSAT TM5 1988-01-21; 1988-06-13; 1994-09-02; 1997-09-10; 1998-02-01; ETM7 2001-05-24 ; 2004-05-16
SPOT 1993-06-27 (XS20m); 1996-07-16 (XS20m); 1998-11-24 (XS20m); 1999-07-12 (XS20m);
2003-08-07 (XS20m); 2006-09-16 (XS10m)




QUICKBIRD 2003-08-04 (Xs & Pan)





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